Diamond Grinding Wheels

Metal diamond grinding wheel

Metal diamond grinding wheel
For grinding rough floors
Grit 6#-300#
For concrete,stone,brick and building materials

Diamond turbo cup grinding wheel FS-CW02

Metal disc diamond turbo cup grinding wheel
For stone and concrete
Grits: 6-400#
Soft,medium, hard bonds

Arrow cup wheels

Size:4″ 5″ 7″

Rough grinding and leveling for concrete floor ,remove epoxy and glue.


Split PCD Cup Wheel

PCDsplit grinding cupwheel for floor machine coating removal is used for removal thin mill coating right up to the edge of the wall.

It is for floor coating removal, expoxy and paint, widely used in many grinding applications,like removal of epoxy,gule and resin off concrete floors.

Size:4″ 5″ 7″

PCD Cup Wheel-Single Row


PCD cup wheels used for floor coating removal,epoxy and paint grinding,

widely used in many grinding applications,like removal of epoxy,gule

and resin off concrete floors.

Applications:Epoxy,glue,paint,concrete floors.